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Presidential Note

Dear Vonk reader,

Maybe the holiday has already started for you or you have to do a few resits. Nevertheless, I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather together with the slowly loosening of the measures against corona. While a year ago the summer atmosphere was not here on campus without the BBQs and drinks. At this moment I only miss the summer BBQ of the SCALA, the soothing vocals of Men in Music and the optional hot tub to chill in with your Scintilla swimming trunks. Luckily, I already have a memory from the outside drinks by a couple of sunburns, which are inevitable if you don’t have an emergency response officer (ERO) with some emergency sunblock. I even heard that the first couple of people have gone swimming in the ‘Pisgeul’, so I think the summer is starting off good!

But it does not feel like a year has already passed and that the end of the academic year is near. Because a normal Scintilla year we have not had. It has only been a month since the Scintilla Room opened for everyone again (still with a cap of 6 people sadly). You can eat your heart out at SWIPED, drink the better coffee from the red Moccamaster and of course talk to/annoy the board a bit. While SWIPED is a very welcome part of the room, especially with the ice popsicles during these hot days, I think I missed the random people coming by the most. Maybe you still know that these people are not good for your productivity, but the random topics to talk about are very much welcome and a change of pace.

Maybe a summer Cantus?

Another change will hopefully also happen soon. With great sadness, I must confess that this will be my last presidential note. But don’t be afraid, in September another President will hopefully take over from me. If you want to get to know the candidates for the 92nd board, they are now regularly posting an introductory piece on our Instagram. They are preparing and doing their best to lead the association next academic year.

So, the general members assembly where this change is planned will be posted on the website soon. Also keep an eye on the website and agenda during this summer, since there are still some activities to come. Maybe a summer Cantus? The word about an active member outing is also circling around. And, if you go on a holiday, don’t forget to be in Enschede in time for the Kick-In! I hope some amazing parties will be hosted then, when everyone is vaccinated.

Enjoy the summer days and we, as the board, will hopefully see you soon.

Dames en Heren, op de koningin, op Scintilla!