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Arago: s.c.v.m.d.d.v.s.h.g. or just S.V.?

‘Scintilla’s commissie voor mensen die de verkeerde studie hebben gekozen Arago’, in short s.c.v.m.d.d.v.s.h.g. Arago or just S.V. Arago. If you have never heard of them, they are the study association for Applied Physics and a proud committee of Scintilla. You may have seen their board on the last committee market or heard them join in our ‘proost’ during a constitution drink. How did this start? Have they really been a committee of Scintilla? Or is this one of the student legends that everyone takes as a fact? At the Vonk we tried to find out how the story fits the history!

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Analyzing a Bottom-Switched Current Source Topology for Digital to Time Converters at Low Supply Voltages

In today’s world electronic devices are all around us. A primary building block within these devices is the Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). This block can convert a digital signal (i.e. a code consisting of 1’s and 0’s) into an analog signal by for instance switching on/off current sources using switches. A traditional switching method requires 2 overdrive voltages to make this work. If this voltage can be reduced, applications can work at lower supply voltages which saves power. A new switching technique is build and tested in a Digital-to-Time Converter (DTC) application.

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Nothing major, is it?

During your bachelor you get two modules where you can decide to do almost anything you want to get credits for your study. Yes, it is the magical study space-time relation called your minor space. Those who have done their minors already know that it can range from the easiest to the hardest courses they took and from the most fun they had to the most dreading days of their bachelors. We asked four students to tell us the story of their minor.

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The Technology behind the Jam Evening

On 24 November 2023 the Educafé was transformed to a fantastical musical venue. From 19:30 till midnight the air was filled with sound. Mostly beautiful music, some awkward silences and the occasional encouraging chant. It was the one and only Jam evening, a band evening were the stage is open and everyone able to lay down a tune was more than welcome on stage. There were a total of 8 drummers present, so the drumkit was always in heigh demand. But how came this magical evening to be?