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Need electronic supplies? Visit the STORES!

At the moment, with almost 30 members, the STORES is the largest committee within Scintilla. The STORES is a small electronics shop entirely run by Electrical Engineering students located at the University of Twente. Our goal is to offer cheap electronics and study needs. The STORES is located in the Educafé in the Zilverling and is open every weekday 12:30h - 13:30h!

If you would like to stay up-to-date on our product selection you can become friends with our mascot, Mr Mu.




The STORES sells a wide selection of electronics products. Our invertory ranges from electrical components for your newest hobby projects to cables to connect your laptop to a monitor. We offer your typical AA batteries to power your electronics needs and we have a wide selection of tools. If you want to know whether we sell the product you are looking for, you can check in our product list.

The Vierdecart

We also sell second hand electronics. During opening hours you will find a wooden cabinate outside the STORES, with lots of electronics in it. If you would like to buy something, take it to the counter and start haggling!

Note: items from the cart are sold without any warranty!

Have you got any old electronic device you think someone could use? Bring it to the STORES. Our employees will check if it is of any use and, if so, put it in the cabinate.


The STORES is located in the Educafé in building Zilverling at the University of Twente. After entering the Zilverling turn left to enter the Educafé. Then turn right and find the STORES as the second counter (room no. E103).


Do you have a question? Send us an e-mail, but even better, just visit our shop for a personal advice.