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SHOCK Tinkering Contest

Studying at a (technical) university has both positive and negative sides. On the one hand we can be part of the development of cutting-edge technology. On the other hand, we barely get to touch this state-of-the-art technology as most of our work and research is theoretical. That is why many Electrical Engineerings crave a bit of tinkering. To facilitate this tinkering Scintilla’s SHOCK organised a tinkering contest.

Some brave enthousiasts joined the contests and their projects share some common themes. A general shortcoming of most electronics projects is that they are never finished or never get finished. This does not mean that the projects are bad in any way, on the contrary! From experience many will know that the hardest part of a project is finishing it, that is why the contest was a great motivator to make that final rush. Regardless of the current status, the authors of the projects were happy to explain what they have been working on. The list start off with a project by Wouter who tries to scale things down to the millimetre.

Where Wouter’s project has some serious size restrictions, Yoran’s project is more free, as long as you wear size M. What they have in common is the usage of LEDs. Where Wouter’s project is still in the conceptual phase and still requires some engineering, Yoran can already focus on functionality by projecting many different patterns with his project.

After Yoran’s great LED shirt project we move on to yet more LEDs, this time by yours truely. Where Yoran’s goal was to create the most beautiful patterns, my main goal was to have the LEDs be as informative as possible. You can read how below.

After many LED-related projects it is finally time for some variation with this final project. While Matthijs’ project has to be working under pressure, Matthijs himself has taken it a bit slower. His description will take you through some of his design decisions.

With this final story we have seen four different projects, which despite common themes are widely different. Hopefully reading these pieces has sparked some enthousiasm for completing your own projects. Hopefully you will be able to finish it! If you would like to have it featured by the Vonk, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to share more engineering work, right here on this platform.