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The Elfbierentocht

The yearly tour for the real student. Beer everywhere, tropical temperatures, huge amount of fun and ofcourse a medal. Hundreds of students go from pub to pub at the campus in the so called Elfbierentocht. Together with travel companions Sjoerd, Lisanne and Lonneke we go on this adventure, rate all the pubs and give advice to the reader.

First of all, I will explain how the Elfbierentocht works. On your personal ticket there are 11 boxes, which will be ripped for beer. At every student pub, of which there are five, you can get two beer. The final beer can be drunk at the Vestingbar where you can also pick your medal if all your boxes on the ticket are ripped.

Now you know the concept, our journey begins slightly after four and we first go to the Kelder under the Horst. Here are two pubs located, namely Diepzat and Beneden peil. Most of the student begin here, as then you can pass by the other pubs in a sort of straight line to the Vestingbar. Once arrived in the Kelder we already feel the warmth of the two pubs. The atmosphere is good and everywhere people are talking and having fun. You can feel the tension and hype for what this evening will bring these people. However, it is really crowdy and moving is quite hard actually. We get a protip from someone called Mart: “If you walk to the back, you will see that it is way less crowded.” Also, people can drink outside the drinkroom as well. We did this and although it was still a bit cramped it was indeed way better. As we only drank two beers, we are not going to try one of our opening sentences to test the fixability.

A really big advantage of Diepzat is that you only have to walk through one door to get to Beneden peil. So that is where our journey continues. The first thing to notice in Beneden peil is the temperature. Diepzat was really warm, but to our pleasant surprise Beneden peil is actually very nice due to an air conditioner. It is a bit more crowded, but because of the nice temperature we can drink comfortable inside. The atmosphere is again very good. So dear reader, if you are getting a bit hot inside Diepzat, don’t hesitate to walk to Beneden peil. We meet a guy called FAMAS and he gives the amposphere an eight. We get our golden wheat smoothies directly. So serve speed is quite fast as well. The beer is really cold, which makes the normal beer nice, but the adtbeer less pleasant. After these beers we drank four out of eleven, so it is time to start testing the fixability. We see a handsome lady and ask I her the question: “If I make dinner for you tonight, can I get you as a dessert afterwards?” Sadly, the lady laughs at me and Charlotte joins the conversation. Charlotte says that the fixability is not that good, because there are too many pancakes walking around. When we walk around a guy called Stefan says people didn’t drink enough yet.

After this we continue our journey to Carré where De Tap is. On the go we find the board members of the 88th board with their unicorn. People really take the strangest things with them.

Once arrived in Carré we are helped by a guy called Sebastiaan as we could not find it. Well dear reader, it is at the fifth floor of Carré so be prepared for a long queue in front of the elevator or a lot of stairways. However, on the stairways the fun is still there and we meet a guy called Tim who is sliding downwards on his beer plank. Strange things happen quite often during this event. We go inside De Tap and the warmth is overwhelming, a reason for Lisanne and Lonneke to drink their beer outside. The atmosphere is really great though. We ask a guy called Cas to give us feedback on his adtbeer. He says that it is nice, not too warm and not too cold. An eight. The serve speed is again very fast and the beer tastes amazing. If this is because we already had a few beers or that it was just that good we don’t know. After we drank our beers, we went on with the fixability again. I saw a handsome lady and asked: “If I was a watermelon, would you spit my seed out or would you swallow it?” A risky question, but after some thinking she says “I go for swallow”. Bingo, after some nice talking I go to search for the rest so that we can go on to the next two pubs. I find Sjoerd who just got out of a conversation with a lady as well. He smiles at me and tells that his opening sentence worked and that the lady wants to be his dessert. So dear reader if you want to score, go to De Tap as till now it doesn’t let us down.

Our next stop is the reliable Abscint and Mbasement, which the reader will probably know for sure. If not well those are the two drinking rooms behind the Starbucks. The wall between the rooms was removed so it became one big pub. The atmosphere is as you would expect great again. The only disadvantage was that it was super warm and really crowdy. So after some minutes I already lost the others. At Mbasement however, something was broken behind the bar so waiting for our beer took half an hour. Which was a bit of a mood killer. When we eventually got the beer, the quality was good, but a bit warm. This however made the adtbeer quite pleasant. The fixability was not that good, Sjoerd was also not that successful. After the MBasement I went to the Abscint and, as I lost my travel companions, I was delighted to see some nice familiar faces behind the bar. It is not that crowdy in front of the bar and I can get my beer really fast. The quality is nice and the adtbeer tastes good. However, the temperature was going sky high. So dear reader, if you don’t want to stand at the bar, take my advice and go to the Educafe. There the temperature is a bit colder.

Our journey ends at the Vestingbar. You have to walk a bit, but the rewards are worth it. Hundreds of people who prelude the afterparty. There is also food outside and we can obtain our medal. A final advice I would like to give to you. If you want to get food, first grab a beer, as the queue is quite long. Then you can at least enjoy your beer when waiting. In the Vestingbar I also found my loyal companions back and it became a long evening.