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A Word with the Eating Contest Winner

What started as a fun idea a few years back has grown out to become an annual contest with participants from all outreaches. In fact, this year’s winner does not even study Electrical Engineering! Being an editorial member of the Vonk provides many advantages and can create great opportunities. As such, I got the opportunity to meet up with, and ask questions to, the winner of the 3rd annual eating contest: Cas Sitvast!

Shortly after his performance, Cas and I met up at the bar and had a drink together. Cas managed to devour 5 buns loaded with frikandel within the time of 2 minutes and 37 seconds. This means an average of below 45 seconds for one bun, go figure! It is no wonder that Cas had difficulties talking after his performance, as his stomach still had to recover after his achievement. Nonetheless, Cas is willing to explain everything for the readers of de Vonk!

It might seem strange that someone from Abacus joins in on a Scintilla eating contest, but Cas explains that he did not just stumble into the Abscint by accident. In fact he was invited for a special reason. He mentions a waistcoat went missing from ‘(A)bac(ch)us’, Abacus’ drafting committee. Cas phrases it as ‘swiped’. Nevertheless, Cas was told he could redeem the waistcoat by attempting the eating contest and not placing last. But, to Cas ‘not placing last place’ is no challenge. He mentions that he upped the stakes for himself by going for first place directly. He says he ‘only wants to participate to win’. Perhaps that is how he turned a go-big-or-go-home strategy into a go-big-and-bring-the-prize-home strategy.

His secret? Well, that is rather simple Cas says. “No chewing, just swallowing!” is his strategy. With just 7 bites he is able to devour an entire bun. Although this was Cas’ reason for success, the editorial staff cannot recommend this technique, and neither can Cas’ stomach! According to Cas, it started showing signs of unhappiness after the large inflow of frikandel chunks. To calm it a bit, as well as to lubricate the process, Cas made good use of the water that was available during the contest. He was able to wash down his bites with a big splash of water. It is likely that this strategy would not be viable at all if it wasn’t for the water.

After this quick round of questions I gave Cas time to recover and enjoy his victory. If you are longing for more eating contest content, you’re in for a treat, as according to rumors, EE-Sports is already plotting a new eating contest for next year. Hopefully Cas doesn’t show up then, as we won’t stand a chance if he does…