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Presidential Note

Dear Vonk reader,

The months are whizzing by as it felt to me the academic year had only just started. But already “All I want for Christmas” can be heard on the radio and the “zwartepietendiscussie” has started up again, signalling to me the start of the holiday season. Of course the holiday season also brings a lot of fun things, like the Sinterklaas celebration. Where you can go passing around some trash (or actual gifts) while putting all your effort and creativity into crafting a hopefully beautiful ‘surprise’ and writing a poem that actually rhymes. Personally, I always struggle the most with that last part. The combination of having to write something unique and personal while still making it rhyme, has had me staring at Word documents for far too many hours. If you struggle with this like me my tip is to just use ChatGPT. A much easier holiday is Christmas, which mostly consists of eating a lot of good food, especially at the Scintilla Christmas dinner where it can be combined with drinking a lot of wine.

The other result of the winter months coming up is the drop in temperatures. Many people are not a fan of the worsening weather and temperatures, but personally I quite like the dull grey skies and slightly cold drizzling weather. It gives off a kind of cozy vibe. What I would like better however is a winter cold enough for a long period of natural ice. It hasn’t been since my childhood that you could skate outside on big stretches of water and for multiple weeks. Such harsh colds would of course mean that your gas bill might creep up, but luckily Scintilla has a solution for this! A person loses most of their heat through their feet, so if you just buy some of those new Scintilla brand socks you won’t lose any. Top this off with buying about a bazillion new Scintilla sweaters and you will never be cold again. Whatever you do to keep warm, don’t forget to have a happy Christmas and a merry new year.

Dames en heren,

Op de koningin, op Scintilla!


Jelte Martens

President of the 94th Board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla