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Presidential Note

Dear Vonk reader,

2021 has really flown by hasn’t it? Together we have gone through quite a lot though. We started this year with a curfew at night and a lockdown that did not seem to end. Luckily, it did end when the weather got better. Drinks were even allowed again and the pandemic almost seemed like it was ending. Sadly, as the weather got worse and new mutations of COVID rose up, things slowly had to close again. This weekend a new lockdown was announced, so it seems like we are back to where we started. But that is all I am going to say about it. Instead I will give you some tips to fill up that extra time you have left over.

You can, for example, learn a new skill! Do you not know how to count in Dutch yet? Then I have the song for you. It is a very deep and inspirational song, about dinosaurs in bikinis on skateboards. Obviously I am talking about the beautiful song “dino’s in bikini’s”. They keep repeating the same part, just with the next number in front. It make take some time, but I am sure you’ll figure it out.

The 92nd board wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

The 92nd board wishes you a merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

If you already can speak Dutch, than why not try learning or bettering a new programming language? A nice thing you can do is Advent of Code. Although I am not the biggest programming nerd out there, I am enjoying the little challenges and getting to know Python a bit.

Other great things to achieve this lockdown including the holidays is watching and ranking every Christmas movie you can find. Or studying all transitions of all “escalatiemixen”. Maybe learning some more digits of pi? Enough to do, it seems.

In all seriousness, with such a quick switch back to online education I hope you are doing okay. The university is doing their best to have as many study places as possible open on campus, so make use of those if the walls of your room seem to come closer. Luckily practical education and exams can still continue. The best part of all, the Scintilla room is still open for members! Although you are not allowed to stay for long or work there, you can still come by to get a nice cup of coffee of something from SWIPED to eat your feelings away.

Just a few more days until the holidays, so stay strong. I hope you can still spend some time with the people that you love. Above all I hope that you did make some fond memories this year and that you are able to have an even better 2022!

Dames en Heren, op de koningin, op Scintilla!