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Articles of Association & By-laws – What the Vonk?!

Despite the rewards that those attending the General Meetings (GM) receive: exclusive insider-information about how the association is being run and how the money is being spent, the chance to decide on important policies through participating in votes - we understand that you might not have the time or enthusiasm to attend these often overextending (and in all honesty mostly boring) meetings. The last GM on the 8th of March presented the proposed changes to the By-laws and the official Articles of the Association; this article will expand on what these are and why they needed changing, so keep reading! ...

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Singing, Drinking, Discussion and Writing: the New Codex Scintillae

If you have been to a cantus of Scintilla somewhere in the past five years, the chances are big that you own a Codex Scintillae. This is a nice bundle with all the rules of the Cantus Scintillae, a bit of history and (most importantly) a selection of songs that can be sung during the cantus. However, if you own one of these codices, you’re probably in dire need of a new one, as the pages are letting go of the booklet. ...

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On Location: SME Market

On September the 28th Scintilla organized the first SME (small - medium enterprises) market and dinner. As I’m near the end of my study period, I feel a slight urge to start looking for jobs and I signed up for the market and dinner. The description of the activity promised an afternoon and dinner where the participants would have the opportunity to meet employees of 8 SMEs from this region. So I signed up with 30 other students and participated in this great networking activity. ...

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Meet the board!

Every year, somewhere around September, our beautiful association Scintilla gets a new board. This year the 93rd board was charged at the 6th of September (nice). There is something special about this board, this year there are only four board members, the minimum amount according to our articles of association. This has not happened since the 84th board, but let’s not get into that. In this article the new board members of Scintilla will introduce themselves, what their functions entail, some fun facts and a picture so you know who to talk to.