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Arago: s.c.v.m.d.d.v.s.h.g. or just S.V.?

‘Scintilla’s commissie voor mensen die de verkeerde studie hebben gekozen Arago’, in short s.c.v.m.d.d.v.s.h.g. Arago or just S.V. Arago. If you have never heard of them, they are the study association for Applied Physics and a proud committee of Scintilla. You may have seen their board on the last committee market or heard them join in our ‘proost’ during a constitution drink. How did this start? Have they really been a committee of Scintilla? Or is this one of the student legends that everyone takes as a fact? At the Vonk we tried to find out how the story fits the history!

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Presidential Note

Dear Vonk reader, The months are whizzing by as it felt to me the academic year had only just started. But already “All I want for Christmas” can be heard on the radio and the “zwartepietendiscussie” has started up again, signalling to me the start of the holiday season. Of course the holiday season also brings a lot of fun things, like the Sinterklaas celebration. Where you can go passing around some trash (or actual gifts) while putting all your effort and creativity into crafting a hopefully beautiful ‘surprise’ and writing a poem that actually rhymes. ...

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Quarterly Update: what's been happening?

Since I was gone for a while I decided to ask the board what happened this quartile while I was gone. Apparently a lot can happen while you are gone, so I decided to compile this summary in case more people missed anything. First of all this quartile was of course the start of the academic year, which also meant a new board. They have been hard at work for over two months already, but you can read more about them in the Meet the Board article and next week’s article. ...