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Arago: s.c.v.m.d.d.v.s.h.g. or just S.V.?

‘Scintilla’s commissie voor mensen die de verkeerde studie hebben gekozen Arago’, in short s.c.v.m.d.d.v.s.h.g. Arago or just S.V. Arago. If you have never heard of them, they are the study association for Applied Physics and a proud committee of Scintilla. You may have seen their board on the last committee market or heard them join in our ‘proost’ during a constitution drink. How did this start? Have they really been a committee of Scintilla? Or is this one of the student legends that everyone takes as a fact? At the Vonk we tried to find out how the story fits the history!

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Kick-In 2020: Shockingly High Potential Despite Virus

In memory of my own fantastic but exhausting Kick-In, I enlisted early on. I wanted to relive the experience, next to continuing the (yet) short-lived legacy of HIGH POTENTIAL. Although Jonas and I had a lot of fun during this year’s Kick-In, it was quite different from what we signed up for… Origin Story First off, it might be good to know some background info. Jonas and I were to continue our fresh, new do-group into it’s second generation. ...

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What the Vonk?! Lay out the lay-out

In the previous edition I have discussed the complete process from goofing around during a meeting, to the publishing of an article. While doing this, I skipped over a rather important aspect of an article: the layout. The layout is in fact by far the most time consuming aspect of creating our magazine. Roughly 90 percent of the articles that are published by the Vonk are actually written by members of our association. ...

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What the Vonk!?

Four times per year, the committee ‘De Vonk’ publishes our well-beloved magazine ‘De Vonk’. Every article in the version you, the reader, receive in your mailbox has been checked at least three times along the whole process. It has been cleansed from most errors and mistakes. During the whole process, a lot of actions have to be taken and, so also a lot can go wrong. In this article, we will present you the complete process of how a ridiculous idea on a drink transforms into a published article. ...