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The Technology behind the Jam Evening

On 24 November 2023 the Educafé was transformed to a fantastical musical venue. From 19:30 till midnight the air was filled with sound. Mostly beautiful music, some awkward silences and the occasional encouraging chant. It was the one and only Jam evening, a band evening were the stage is open and everyone able to lay down a tune was more than welcome on stage. There were a total of 8 drummers present, so the drumkit was always in heigh demand. But how came this magical evening to be?

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On Location: Elfbierentocht 2023

On June 1st 2023, one of the largest student traditions of the University of Twente has come upon us once more, this time with its largest edition yet: the Elfbierentocht (Eleven Beer Tour). Every year hundreds of students accept the challenge of crawling through the well-known pubs of the campus, working their way through the crowds, acquiring an established number of consumptions, all this to obtain a medal worthy of celebrating their feat. ...

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Old Committees: A Dive in the Archives

Committees have always been a significant workforce of a study association. Teams of students come together to contribute to their association. They could contribute in any form they are motivated for. Like, taking recent examples, organizing fun bonding activities such as drinks or ski trips, forming a platform to discuss study matters or crafting digital systems that are to be used by association members. Currently Scintilla has around 30 active committees which show their faces regularly around the association. ...

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What is a Scintilla Committee and Why Should You Join One?

While the first (non-online) year of university almost always comes with many unique opportunities, each study usually has its own special perks. For EE, one of these perks is Scintilla, the Electrical Engineering student association. As a new student this year (or a returning second-year), you get the chance to become an active member of the association and join one of Scintilla’s many committees - but what does that even mean? ...

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SHOCK Tinkering Contest

Studying at a (technical) university has both positive and negative sides. On the one hand we can be part of the development of cutting-edge technology. On the other hand, we barely get to touch this state-of-the-art technology as most of our work and research is theoretical. That is why many Electrical Engineerings crave a bit of tinkering. To facilitate this tinkering Scintilla’s SHOCK organised a tinkering contest. Some brave enthousiasts joined the contests and their projects share some common themes. ...