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Presidential Note

Hello Vonk readers,

It feels like the academic year has just begun. However we are already in the second quartile and 2022 is coming to an end. Autumn is here already for a few months and every day it is getting colder and dark sooner, whereas the gas prices are rising through the ceiling. It is really important that you stay warm and positive while your bankaccount should suffice that last mentioned characteristic too.

Maybe you share your energy bill with some neighbours who try to live in a jungle climate. In that case I see two solutions. Option one; try crying in a corner and stop buying drinks in the Abscint. Option two; walk as a penguin through your house with three coats and a scarf as I do these days. It helps, because you don’t have to spend money on heating. Although taking a shower will be way less comfortable.

A way to get warmer is to be cozy with someone else. Nevermind, I am joking, we are Electrical Engineers after all. We do not have the honour to achieve something like that. Nevertheless, you can always try by inviting someone to the Scintilla Christmas dinner. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Speaking about Christmas, for some people it can warm up the ambiance by playing a Christmas song. Even if it is not December yet.

Personally, it can really hit my nerves when people do that. It is the way to get me grumpy. Especially when a Christmas vibe is getting created in the Scintilla Room. At this very moment, while I am writing this article, I made a previous board member sad by implying the fact that I did not like his dancing on the song ‘Last Christmas’. I know, it is not nice to say that to people. It is almost 6 pm and I have had a long day.

Apart from my situation, having long days also really helps to get a bit warmer. Jumping from meeting to meeting and running to the toilet in between (because you had too much coffee) helps a lot to get a bit warmed up. This can be realised by doing two board functions for example. I do not recommend more functions at the same time though, because that will certainly cause a burn-out which is not the kind of burn we are searching for.

There are so many ways to get warm. If you still have no clue how to lower your energy bill, you can always come to the Scintilla Room. Here, you do not have to pay for central heating and even hot coffee, tea and chocolate milk is for free!

Dames en heren,

Op de koningin, op Scintilla!