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Meet the board!

Every year, somewhere around September, our beautiful association Scintilla gets a new board. This year the 93rd board was charged at the 6th of September (nice). There is something special about this board, this year there are only four board members, the minimum amount according to our articles of association. This has not happened since the 84th board, but let’s not get into that. In this article the new board members of Scintilla will introduce themselves, what their functions entail, some fun facts and a picture so you know who to talk to.

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Dutch Student Culture 101: 'Borrel' for DUMMIES

Pretty much the only word of Dutch on which everyone agrees on that it cannot be translated into English, is the beautiful ‘borrel’. It is a mysterious term with which almost every (Dutch) student has a positive association. For fresh first-year students or our international students that want to learn the Dutch culture, there is a lot of unclarities and questions: How the %&$! do I pronounce it? ‘Borrel’ can be described as in the International Phonetic Alphabet as [bˈɒɹə͡l], although I doubt that will be of much help to you. ...

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Overhead Systems for Trains

In the period from 1850 - 1900, trains were already travelling the world. Steam trains, to be exact. Diesel engines did not yet exist. What was emerging, however, was electricity. The Icons of EE series describe the pioneers and their differences of opinion throughout the Current War. Railway operators in Europe also did not agree on what the best overhead voltage was for their electrically powered trains. To save on coal and manpower, transport companies tried to run their trains electrically. ...

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Old Committees: A Dive in the Archives

Committees have always been a significant workforce of a study association. Teams of students come together to contribute to their association. They could contribute in any form they are motivated for. Like, taking recent examples, organizing fun bonding activities such as drinks or ski trips, forming a platform to discuss study matters or crafting digital systems that are to be used by association members. Currently Scintilla has around 30 active committees which show their faces regularly around the association. ...

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Electric Superbike Twente

Electric Superbike Twente has been an explorer of electric motorcycle racing since 2017. Our pursuit for speed was partially obstructed by the COVID-19 restrictions over the past two years. This resulted in two unfinished motorcycles with huge potentials. It is up to us, the fifth team, to extract this potential on the race track. With the knowledge gained in the previous years, during tests and on the race track, we have now set our sights on our race in Finland which starts on the 1st of July. ...