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Nothing major, is it?

During your bachelor you get two modules where you can decide to do almost anything you want to get credits for your study. Yes, it is the magical study space-time relation called your minor space. Those who have done their minors already know that it can range from the easiest to the hardest courses they took and from the most fun they had to the most dreading days of their bachelors. We asked four students to tell us the story of their minor.

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Study Abroad: Norway

Last year, I had to decide on what to do for my minor. I could choose to stay in Twente and do my minor here, but I decided to take a step out of my comfort zone and GO ABROAD. And that was quite an experience! I found a nice house in Grimstad, a small town at the south coast of Norway, studying at the university of Agder. Here, I followed some technical courses and a course in Norwegian, which helped me understand some of the Norwegians I encountered volunteering at Bluebox, a student bar and concert hall at the campus. ...