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Meet the Board!

On the 7th of September 2021, the 92nd board took the scepter of the 91st board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla. In this article they will introduce themselves and tell you all about their history and their goals this year. You get to know their motivation for doing a board year and their hobbies (besides being active in Scintilla committees). Of course they included some random fun-facts about themselves too! Their stories are accompanied with several pictures from their photo shoot.

Pauline Lettinga, President

Pauline Lettinga, President

Pauline Lettinga, President


My name is Pauline Lettinga and I am the new President of our beautiful association E.T.S.V. Scintilla. I am 21 years young (I don’t feel that old yet) and I was born in a pineapple under the sea. Well I would have been, but they decided to remove the sea and create the Flevopolder some time back. When I started Electrical Engineering in Enschede three years ago I left Lelystad and moved here.

People like to talk bad about Lelystad, but I must say growing up there was great. My primary school was just around the corner and later on I could bike to my secondary school in under 10 minutes if needed. I don’t love biking or waking up early so this was ideal for me. I now live on campus partly for the same reason.

As you might have guessed, I am not a really sporty person, but I used to be. I played tennis for almost all of primary school until I decided I wanted to do a team sport and joined korfball (a mix between basketball and handball) sometime at the end of primary school all the way through secondary school. The goal was to join a sport in Enschede, but that failed when it turned out I liked going to drinks more than I liked to do sports on cold rainy evenings. Then again, drinking beer is obviously also a sport. When less drinks happened I actually did try to some sports again. I did some home workouts and even joined the tennis association, but it didn’t hold on as long as the pandemic has.

I do still like to try new things, it keeps life entertaining and full of surprises. After the Kick-In I really loved the atmosphere and Scintilla and joined Sjaarscie, SKItilla and the STORES. I also became quite active at Stellae and later joined SCALA, SKIC, Lustrum Camp and VAUXHALL. My love for Scintilla only grew through the years which led me to do a board year now. As President I hope to be able to pick up many random tasks next to my main responsibilities. One of those responsibilities is staying involved with all my fellow board members, allowing me to be up to date about everything happening with the association.

Next to my activism at Scintilla I organized the Ladies Introduction Days (LID) in my first year. Since last January I am the chairman of the fifth daily board of Stichting Borrelbeheer Zilverling (SBZ). SBZ makes sure drinks are possible for the six study associations that are members, Scintilla being one of them. The first half of 2021 this meant coming up with protocols for drinks and deciding what is possible together with the University. Although it was different than normal, it certainly was very interesting to learn about. I will remain chairman for the remainder of 2021 next to being President at Scintilla so hopefully we can have enough drinks still to make up for it.

Another hope is that the pandemic ends quickly and we get to see all of you back in the Scintilla room, but for now the capacity there is still limited. Luckily we can have activities and outside drinks where you can often find me, so hope to see you there too!



Rienk van der Wijk, Secretary

Rienk van der Wijk, Secretary

Rienk van der Wijk, Secretary

Hello fellow students (and others),

I am Rienk van der Wijk and I am the new Secretary of E.T.S.V. Scintilla, which means that I am responsible for the administration of the association this academic year. I will explain what this means later on, but first my origin story.

I was born in Drachten a little more than 21 years ago, which is where I was also raised. Drachten is a village in Friesland, which is obviously the best province of the Netherlands (yes, I am Friesian. Yes, I do speak Friesian. No, I am not a farmer). When I was young I developed a interest in percussion, so I started taking lessons and joined an orchestra. Since doing a sport can also be considered healthy, I also joined a running group to go for runs regularly.

When I started my studies I was immediately drawn to Scintilla for its cosy vibes and lots of nice activities. This is why I joined the first-years committee Parents Day and later on also the LEX, Webteam and SKItilla. In my second year I decided I wanted to do a larger committee so I decided to join the SKIC and I decided to join De Borrel since I was interested in becoming a bartender. Next to these committees I also decided to join the parttime board of Stichting Borrelbeheer Zilverling (SBZ), which makes sure that it is possible to have drinks in their bars for 6 different study associations.

As said at the start I will be the Secretary of the board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla this year. This means that I’m responsible for making sure the association stays organized, which means that I keep myself busy with things such as managing mail, member administration and making minutes at board meetings. Next to these things I have plenty of time to take up any fun projects or for bonding with members.

That is enough about me, but I (probably) don’t know you yet, so don’t hesitate to come by the Scintilla Room or any Activities, since I can often be found at both.

Kind regards,

Rienk van der Wijk

Jort van de Bovenkamp, Treasurer

Jort van de Bovenkamp, Treasurer

Jort van de Bovenkamp, Treasurer

Hello there,

I am Jort van de Bovenkamp and the treasurer of 92nd board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla. I was born and raised in Hengelo, just besides Enschede. I still live with my parents in Hengelo, to save money to spend on important matters like alcoholic beverages. When I was five years old, I started playing football and immediately fell in love. I have been playing football ever since then and also have been training the youngsters at my own amateur club KSV BWO and at the Twentsche Voetbalschool. If that is not enough, I am also a fanatic supporter and season ticket holder of the beautiful FC Twente. Besides this, I work at a pub in Hengelo with over 80 kinds of specialty beer. When I have time left, I mostly spend it on gaming or with my friends.

Three years ago, I finished high school and chose to start studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. I had a lot of doubts about my choice, even during the first year. Luckily, I quickly found a home at our beautiful study association. Starting with the Kick-In I chose the best do-group, Duracell, where I quickly formed a good relationship with fellow students, like Bart and Rick. These relationships quickly became friendship and now all three of us are going to do a board year. I joined as most of my colleague board members the committee called ‘Sjaarscie’, where we organized activities mainly focused on first years.

After my first year, I quickly joined a couple of other committees: LEX, EE-sports, SKIC and de Borrel. This takes a lot of time besides the study, but was totally worth it. You learn a lot of things by doing committees that you do not learn with the study itself. In my third year I became the treasurer of the board of de Borrel, where I really liked the function of treasurer. Because who does not love spending money?

During the third year I decided with my fellow board members to do a gap year where we would be the 92nd board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla. Firstly, we had to separate the functions. Luckily for me, nobody else wanted to be the treasurer thus I got the function I desired. I will be spending my year with a lot of declaration forms, invoices and our wonderful accounting program Multivers. I will be making sure that the financial side of running our study association will be as smooth as possible. Now that you got to know me a little, I would love it to meet you, the reader. I will be in our Scintilla room or after 4:00 at or behind the bar. See you there!

Jort van de Bovenkamp

Bart Schuurman, Commissioner of External Affairs

Bart Schuurman, Commissioner of External Affairs

Bart Schuurman, Commissioner of External Affairs

Eyo Dear Vonk Reader,

My naam is Bart Schuurman and I am the Commissioner of Exteral Affairs of the 92nd Board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla. I will explain what this means in a few minutes. Firstly, I will tell you a bit about myself.

21 years ago I was born in a hospital in Doetinchem, after which I was raised in Gaanderen, a nearby village where my parents live. Growing up, I developed an interest in music, swimming and electronics. At the end of my high-school period, I attempted to build and program a drone with a few friends, which to this day still hasn’t flown. The interest for electronics is what moved me to apply for the University of Twente and start the study Electrical Engineering.

At the start of my first year, I was immediately drawn to Scintilla because of the nice activities during and after the Kick-In. I decided I also wanted to organize activities like those and went to Scintilla’s committee marked to see if there was a committee that would be interesting for me. Together with some of my friends, I joined the freshmen committee, ‘Sjaarscie’, and organized a couple of great activities.

Later that year, I joined even more committees. One of those was the STUDI, were I served the study-related interests of our members. Now, three years after I joined Scintilla, I became the new Commissioner of External Affairs. So what does this entail?

As the Commissioner of External Affairs, I focus on keeping close contact with interesting companies. The main goal of this is to give our members some perspective in their career orientation. I will look for interesting companies that want to organize lunch lectures or other activities, in which they tell a bit about the company and give some in-depth explanation about a project they are working on. This enables our students to get an idea of what they want to do after their studies.

The nicest thing of being a board member is to be in contact with our members. I really look forward to seeing you all in the Scintilla Room soon. So don’t hesitate to come by and get some free coffee and notebooks.

See you soon,

Bart Schuurman

Rick Ruitenbeek, Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Rick Ruitenbeek, Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Rick Ruitenbeek, Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Dear wonderful and handsome Vonk reader,

A new academic year is upon us, and with that our association has had another board change. This year I happen to be part of the board, thus you will probably see my face a lot around the association room. In case you wonder who this face belongs to, allow me to tell a little bit about myself.

My name is Rick Ruitenbeek, I am 21 years old and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of the 92nd board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla. I am originally from Nijkerk, where my dad’s family resides, but after 2 years we moved to Barneveld, where my mom’s family resides. Aside of the boring things I do in my life, I enjoy playing volleyball whenever I’m not suffering a knee injury. Besides that I love listening to music, especially filthy drum and bass bangers, or anything electronic really. I play games and watch series from time to time, I managed to get a hold on someone’s Disney+ account as of lately.

I lived in the ‘capital of the Bible Belt’ until I turned 18, after which I moved to Enschede to start my student life by studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente. After getting used to the city of Enschede (especially the fact that stores are actually open on Sundays) and my new bachelor program, I decided to get active at Scintilla so I could get to know new people and give committee work a try as a new hobby. As the excited freshman I was at the time, I joined Sjaarscie and quickly experienced what it means to be an active member of Scintilla. After low-key falling in love with the active member life, I joined many other committees that organize exciting activities, such as SCALA, EE Sports, de Borrel, MasterCLASS and VAUXHALL. Aside of that I am also part of the Open Days team for Electrical Engineering.

Within Scintilla I made many great friends, got to know many members and had great conversations with them. I had a few good talks with other experienced board members, in which they told me about the exciting adventures in a board year and the interesting and useful things you learn. Moments like these spiked my interest in doing a board year for Scintilla. I was particularly interested in the functions Secretary and Internal Affairs, because they aligned with my interests of working on activities for members.

While forming the 92nd board, I managed to get one of the functions I desired. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, I will be working with committees to schedule and promote their activities. I am there for members to feel welcome within the association. I hope this year is going to be particularly exciting for me as Internal Affairs as I still have a bit of hope that at some point in this year we are allowed to fully open up after the pandemic of a certain virus, which would mean that we could finally have some proper physical activities again!

This year I am very excited to get to work with my fellow board members to represent Scintilla. I am especially curious and nervous for all the unexpected tasks and adventures that are waiting for me.

In case you still want to know something about me after this horrendous wall of text, don’t be afraid to hit me up whenever I’m in the Scintilla Room or at/behind the bar.


Rick Ruitenbeek

Jop ten Wolde, Commissioner of Educational Affairs and Administrator

Jop ten Wolde, Commissioner of Educational Affairs and Administrator

Jop ten Wolde, Commissioner of Educational Affairs and Administrator

Dear reader,

Another exciting year on the University of Twente has begun and hopefully everyone got of to a good start. But with a new year there also comes a new board at Scintilla and this year I am the Commissioner of Educational Affairs and STORES Administrator of the 92nd board. As the Commissioner of Educational Affairs I hope to help maintain the quality of the study as well as to provide information and documents that support you in your studies and as the STORES Administrator I’m responsible for the financials of the STORES.

Maybe you have already seen me at some Scintilla activities, but just to be sure I’ll introduce myself. My name is Jop ten Wolde, I was born in Enschede, but also lived near Boekelo (a small place near Enschede) at an old farm for a little while, before moving back to Enschede again. During high school I quite quickly knew I wanted to study Electrical Engingeering and coincidentally this was the exact same study my father had done. But I still had to choose a nice university, and of course I went to the beautiful campus of the University of Twente.

So in 2018 it was time to pick a do-group during the Kick-In. I choose to go with my favorite semiaquatic egg-laying mammal, Perry. But during the Kick-In I also kind of joined HopHop, a Electrical Engineering do-group that was cancelled. The parents of both do-groups motivated me to become an active member of E.T.S.V. Scintilla. During the committee market I decided to join the Parents Day committee just like my do-group parents had done. Next to that I also joined the SECS and the STORES. I always had a great time at the STORES and I decide to also become purchaser, chairman and now STORES Administrator.

At the end of the first year I was really enjoying my time at Scintilla, so I joined some more committees, such as the MasterCLASS and SCALA. Because I clearly wasn’t doing enough committees and I had a nice experience going on the SKItilla skiing trip, I also joined SKItilla, VAUXHALL and KCC. When I heard I could do even more at Scintilla by becoming a board member, I could not let the opportunity go by to spent a year full time working on Scintilla.

But next to my board year, I also have some other hobbies. One of my favorite things to do, is play sport. Currently I’m playing volleyball at Harambee, this is mostly indoor volleyball but the best part is in the summer when the beach volleyball competition start again and I can play in the sand. I also love listening to all kinds of music and watching Formula 1 once in a while.

I hope that we can all see each other often in and around the Scintilla room for a nice chat. Although it’s also fine if you just come for the snack or free coffee and tea. If you have any problems, questions or nice things to tell about the study or STORES related questions/problems, don’t hesitate to come to me or send me a message.