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Studying in Eindhoven or Delft

In the Netherlands, the possibilities of studying Electrical Engineering are limited to only three universities: you can go to Eindhoven, Delft or Enschede. Of course, we are all familiar with the surroundings and atmosphere in Twente, but surely studying must be different in the other corners of the country… The editorial team asked two Scintilla members who have spent some time at the TU Eindhoven and TU Delft to talk about their experiences. This article shares the stories of Tim Huggers, who is doing his master EE at Eindhoven since 2022, and Fokko Perton, who studied EE and TCS in Delft from 2016 to 2019.

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Transitioning to a new educational system

Seven years ago, the University of Twente introduced TOM, the Twente Educational Model (Twents Onderwijs Model in Dutch. Using TOM, the bachelors were built up of coherent modules, each containing a collection of courses in the same field and a project to put the acquired knowledge into practice. The goal was student development according to the T-shaped model, which means that students are able to utilize their knowledge in a broader context next to being strong in their respective discipline. ...

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Titulatuur(eluurs) / Maddening titles

As a first year first year student and member of Scintilla and the “de Vonk” committee, I am met with a lot of new expressions. This includes words from student jargon which were unknown to me when I still was in high school. At my high school, it was usual to address my teachers as Mister or Madam. Where if you’d want to address the professors at their correct titles, it’d be impossible to remember in some cases. ...

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D-I-Y Module 11

Almost at the end of the bachelor module 11 commences. During this module everything is based around one big project designing a Bluetooth/wireless speaker. What, how, and why is completely up to you. Two groups had the chance to write something about their experience with module 11. Guus Frijters My group and I (group 4D) had brainstorm sessions in order to figure out what the best speaker was to get the highest grade but which also would be fun to design. ...

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Electrical Extravaganza

Have you ever wondered why you study electrical engineering? You might have thought about it for your whole life, just before you started, or not at all, and just picked a study with a high salary. Is it because you wanted to explain lightning, build the newest sound system and/or follow in the footsteps of Rowan Atkinson, a.k.a. Mr. Bean? Anyway, I just wanted more of the adrenaline rush I got from working with electrical systems. ...

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My name is Maarten Bonnema and since the start of this academic year I had the honour to become the chairman of Scintilla’s Taskforce for University Developments and Improvements (STUDI), Scintilla’s education committee. For seventeen years the committee was called StOEL, but due to internationalisation and recognisability of the committee we decided to change it. Although I am pleased with the new logo and acronym (and full name), the old logo (a spider in a web) had some strong symbolic meaning. ...