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Presidential Note

Dear Scintilla Member,

What goes the time fast, the first half year of this study year has already past. You might wonder where the time went and what you have achieved in the first half or regret all the decisions you made this far. At this point the board takes a step back to look at the things they tried to do and the things they actually did.

As you might know, we are quite fond of the bananas on the swiped list of Scintilla as well as of our new fridge. Therefore, it seems nice to give you a bit more information about our fridge, what a banana is and of course the most important question why are they crooked? According to the website of Chiquita, it is a quite difficult process but they think they have the answer. Bananas grow, as you might know , hanging on trees. But since bananas are striving high they want to aim at the sky, or the sun so to say. This is why they grow towards it, which is called negative geotropy. Now your question has been answered, I can give you some more information about the Swiped part of our bananas, the fridge.

Scintilla is part of the newest developments in the world of technology. The new Smart Fridge Scintilla has bought is one of those future promising technologies. With the smart sensing technology it is able to detect and recognize all your products inside the fridge. Creating more insight in a handy and fast way in the quality and quantity of your snacks. Technology is developing very fast, especially in the field of Internet Of Things. This future promising technology makes it possible to check, control and steer your technology all around the world from one home base. Scintilla is part of IOT as well. The Samsung family hub is integrated in the smart grid which makes it possible to control the temperature, check the food inside and stream music from your home base. All the data collected by the fridge is pushed immediately to the cloud. With use of cloud computing this big data is stored and processed automatically by our ‘in the cloud’ servers. This big data is used for further research on the popularity of each snack. By extrapolating this data the future perspective of the each individual snack can be foreseen. This gives the possibility to create a well designed snack individualistic strategic plan in order to create the optimal situation for the greater good. The Artificially Intelligent fridge knows when your food will expire, learns what you put into it and can combine this information into recipes. This smart fridge can interface via the smart grid with other artificially intelligent fridges. This is how it can create a block chain of fridges with a wide spread information capacity of stored food. In the future every smart home should have such a fridge. Combining those would create a whole smart city where each home is interfaced with each other via their fridge.

In total it can be said that this fridge is definitely future proof. Where it might be revolutionary now will it be normal after our big digital transformation. It also encourages the transformation of industry 3.0 to industry 4.0. Let de computers do the work for you instead of you working for the computer.

I hope you have now more insight in swiped, bananas and the new fridge. If you have any questions with regards to these or any other subject, we will be in the Scintilla room to answer them.

Dames en Heren, op de koningin, op Scintilla!


Ewout Baars

President of the 89th board of E.T.S.V. Scintilla